A birthday breakfast at TeachPitch’s London office

With TeachPitch turning 5 this month, we decided to put on a special breakfast for our colleagues at Edspace. It’s a unique space filled with start ups and young businesses making a difference in the education sector through technology. Being surrounded by other innovators has helped us create new features and solve complex problems a lot more easily than we might otherwise be able to. There’s a strong sense of camaraderie: everyone is taking different paths but in the same direction.

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We laid on a breakfast and a talk from our CEO and founder Aldo de Pape. We tempted our colleagues with some chocolate for breakfast, it was a celebration after all. We brought in a chocolate cake that initially people avoided but once someone took that first slice the rest magically disappeared… 

Aldo brought a Dutch tradition to London, spelling TeachPitch in giant, delicious chocolate letters for people to take home.

With everyone fed and watered Aldo delivered an overview of our amazing journey so far and walked the audience through some of our key stats. You can check these out in our infographic below.


He explained how 34,562 educators from 205 countries are benefiting from our 167,510 curated resources, with hundreds more joining every month. He also discussed our Digital Skills program, that has been growing steadily since its launch in 2018 and has now reached nearly 1,000 students. If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a paid instructor why not apply here .

People helped themselves to some of our TeachPitch merch while colleagues and fellow entrepreneurs spoke to Aldo and the team in more depth about the platform.

It was a great opportunity to show some appreciation to our community, celebrate all we’ve achieved so far and share our vision for the future. At time of writing there is still some cake left.

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