TeachPitch Launches a Certified Training Program for Albanian Teachers to Create Online Lessons

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Team TeachPitch is committed to help teachers and students around the world. We provide free access to over 180,000 high quality educational resources from more than 220 learning platforms. Our Digital Skills program is designed to deliver peer-to-peer tutorials and promote better understanding of digital learning among educators.

With massive school closures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, many teachers had to switch to distance learning. To help educators in these hard times, TeachPitch initiated a new training program.

In partnership with the Ministry of Education through their training organisation ASCAP and OSF (Open Society Foundations) we open up a Certified Training program that equips Albanian teachers with knowledge and skills to create and give remote classes so that no student is left behind.

The program is designed to help teachers in preparing and delivering online lessons with EdTech tools. This includes a crash course on the use of Google Hangouts, Loom, GoToMeeting, Shkolla e së Ardhmes, and Google Classroom. After the course completion, the respective teachers are certified as Digital Instructors and allowed to work with our technology. They are also granted access to all the content offered by TeachPitch.

We aim to train and support as many educators in Albania as possible. The number of teachers willing to participate in the program is currently close to 8,500, of which 500 have already been certified. All the content created by the certified teachers is intended to become part of the Shkolla e së Ardhmes (School of the Future) system, which means that online lessons stored in one place can be accessed and re-used whenever necessary.

Team TeachPitch believes that education should be accessible to all and technology is a tool that makes it possible. We warmly welcome all those who join our global community of teachers!

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