Celebrating 50,000 subscribers! 


We are over the moon-so-happy to announce that we have grown to over 50,000 subscribers to our platform.

We are humbled that so many people from over 234 countries have chosen to join our community and even more so because this is just the very beginning. 

TeachPitch is growing with hundreds of people joining us each week and for this we are very grateful!!

Over the past year we have had the privilege to train over 30,000 educators how to navigate technology during the ongoing pandemic lockdowns in Albania and Ecuador. It was a sincere privilege to play a part in these countries, working closely with their Ministries of Education, to ensure that learning would not stop. 

Through our Digital Skills Program we welcomed over 6600 students who registered to follow our training tutorials – created by our amazing team of Instructors. This number is rapidly growing and we are honoured that we can help so many people so they can digitally deploy themselves to the fullest. 

Meanwhile the number of curated resources have grown to over 200,000 from 214 high quality teaching & learning platforms – a task diligently executed by our curation team that not only ensures that all links selected are of the highest quality but also makes sure they never expire, are not re-routed and updated continuously. 

And we are not stopping there.

Our mission is to train over 10 million teachers so they can continue to thrive working with technology and have the ability to overcome any challenge that comes their way in a rapidly evolving new digital economy.

In order to reach this goal we will continue to work with great technology companies (dubbed Discovery Partners) whose products are reviewed by experts in our community. Many companies have already joined us, leading to incredible results for both educators & technology products.  

We will continue to work with great (governmental) organisations and institutions such as the Open Society Foundations, UNICEF and the World Innovation Summit for Education (Qatar Foundation) to ensure that all teachers will have access to our training and can benefit from it to the fullest.  

And last but not least, through the development of our very own Learning Journeys, we will continue to do our utmost to serve each and every educator subscribing to TeachPitch. 

Stay tuned for some celebratory events from our end! Over the coming days we will give away free (limited) access to one of our new Learning Journeys and send out an invitation for you to directly participate in shaping up our platform through our exclusive ‘50k Webinar’ and aligning survey. 

Cannot wait. 

We are committed that you at all times can develop yourself to the fullest by learning more and teaching (even) better.  

Thank you very much for being a part of our journey until today. We are honoured to have you by our side, as we grow.

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