Welcoming Gijs Groeneveld as our Chief Commercial Officer

Online Tutor page 5_2We are thrilled to announce that Gijs Groeneveld joins TeachPitch as our Chief Commercial Officer.

Gijs is an adventurous entrepreneur with a commercial spike. His first venture was a project to cross the Atlantic Ocean, rowing from New York to Rotterdam. After a training trajectory of 3 years, Gijs’ team of 4 managed to complete this incredible journey in 2005 succeeding to reach Rotterdam in 66 days.

Thereafter he started a corporate commercial career at the global tank storage company Vopak and became a public speaker sharing the up- and downsides of his previous athletic achievements.

He further deepened and explored his passion for human growth and in 2008 founded the learning & development company; Peak4 – an organisation that specialises in coaching executive teams to achieve optimal results

Being responsible for innovation & growth at his company, Gijs also explored the great opportunities of digitisation. Gijs has extensive experience working with corporations and we are very delighted to welcome him into Team TeachPitch as our CCO.

Gijs will be responsible for the further commercial deployment of TeachPitch, working closely with our growing customer base of companies and Digital Instructors.

A big welcome to Gijs!

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