Ask TeachPitch Team: 3 Questions to Suljan Ceni

“Innovative, Professional, Efficient”.

This is the way Suljan Ceni describes TeachPitch. Suljan is a UX designer who helps to make our platform look appealing and user-friendly. The website interface, the emails you receive from TeachPitch and the design of digital skills tutorials are all products of his creative vision. Suljan’s expertise and brilliant design ideas allow us to make the platform engaging and get our messages across. 

Since TeachPitch is celebrating its 5-year anniversary in October, we decided to interview our team members and discover what it is like to work here. Suljan was happy to participate and tell about his experience. These are the reflections he shared.


How would you describe yourself?

“I really love what I do and I am very happy I have chosen this path. I always try to realise my ideas by doing my best to get the job done in a proper way. Being involved in this business for many years has made me very organized and confident about my work. When it comes to relationships, I am very committed and have very good communication skills. I am also a good listener, read people very well and like to make them feel comfortable”.

What is your biggest inspiration?

“Everything I see, hear, feel or touch can become a source of inspiration ranging from the most important things like family, friends to the little ones. Even ordinary activities can be motivating too. I often listen to music, watch inspirational videos, take a walk in nature or do sports. All these really help me out. Giving the best and taking credit for that can be inspiring as well”.

What is the best thing about TeachPitch team?

“We are a Team in the true sense of the word. We are very well connected despite the fact that we are located in different countries. A very good communication between us is the key to making things easier and more understandable for each other. I have been working in TeachPitch since 2014 and we have had a lot of challenges but our team always managed to solve problems in the best way. I would say we are the best team”.


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