Ask TeachPitch Team: 4 Questions to Marilda Naci

TeachPitch has come a long way since its foundation in 2014. Tens of thousands of teachers are using the platform in over 200 countries and hundreds are joining us every week. Years of hard work have been invested into our search engine. The way our website looks and functions today is shaped by the incredible minds working in Albania, the UK and China.

The TeachPitch platform is the brainchild of our dedicated team of professionals who are committed to helping educators from all over the world. Through close collaboration and extensive debate the team builds new features and functionalities and iterates existing ones. TeachPitch team members have been putting their heart and soul into our platform for half a decade now. In recognition of this, we want to introduce our growing community of teachers to the people behind the scenes and ask them what it’s like to be part of TeachPitch. 

Our first interviewee is Marilda Naci who has been with TeachPitch from the very beginning. Here are the thoughts Marilda shared with us.


What is your role in TeachPitch?

“I have really enjoyed working in TeachPitch for almost 5 years. I started as one of the curators and due to my hard work and commitment I am now managing the Content Curation Team. My role in TeachPitch is to take care of data scraping process (DSP) and quality assurance of all sources and links, to coordinate teamwork, maintain and develop the digital library system of the project”.

Why what you do is important?

“Data scraping, also known as web scraping, is a very important process for our platform. TeachPitch pays particular attention to the content and quality of the information provided on the website. The main purpose is to get and keep the quality and diversity of the material and to expand our digital library. To achieve this I have to deal with a lot of new information all the time. So, constant exposure to new materials brings me a lot of satisfaction and gives a lot to learn too”.

What makes TeachPitch so special to you?

“This is a great question which I can extensively elaborate on. But I would like to focus on the key things that make it special to me. I feel respected and valued for being the core part of the team and making my contributions to TeachPitch. In my view, it is very important when your objectives at work are closely related to learning new things and developing skills. Here in TeachPitch, I am surrounded by colleagues who are true professionals that I can learn from and as a team we are all moving toward a common goal”.

How would you sum up TeachPitch in just a few words?

“Responsibility, Learning Opportunities, Team Spirit”.

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