Ask TeachPitch Team: 4 Questions to Gentjana Metalia

Last year TeachPitch launched a new project, the Digital Skills program. It is a peer-to-peer tutoring program that is specifically designed for teachers to help other teachers across the world succeed in the digital age. 

The Digital Skills program has been a team effort but Gentjana Metalia is the heart of it. She manages the entire process, which is definitely no mean feat. It all begins with certifying instructors, helping them to prepare for the tutorials, promoting upcoming tutorials, running them live, recording and sending them to tutorial registrants and receiving feedback. It seems a lot for just one person! And that is why we were very curious to find out how Gentjana manages the program. Here is what she has to say about it. 


In what ways do you contribute to TeachPitch?

“I started my journey at TeachPitch as a curator. It was only after I began working for this platform that I realised how much information I had accessed on the Internet was so inaccurate and non-professional. And here I was, working on a global platform with a mission to provide teachers with the most relevant sources. I instantly fell in love with TeachPitch and since then I have been working very passionately on curation until a year ago when I was assigned another major role for TeachPitch, managing the Digital Skills Program”.

What was the biggest challenge you had at work this year? What do you like most about your job?

“2019 brought significant changes in my professional life. I was given an opportunity to manage the entire Digital Skills Program. The greatest challenge I faced at the beginning was the ability to plan the program in order to ensure its maximum efficiency and monitoring its overall progress. 

Yes, I was given the lion’s share, which came along with great responsibilities, but the best thing about the Digital Skills Program is that it never becomes repetitive. There are always new ideas, growth and innovation, which make the program a long learning curve challenge as there are always new paths to be explored. 

On the other hand, being able to connect with so many amazing and humble educators across the world and watch them contribute to our cause with such great passion and dedication has definitely given me the greatest satisfaction”.

Describe TeachPitch in 3 words.

“Innovative, Professional, Challenging”.

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