Ask TeachPitch Team: Interview with Aldo de Pape

TeachPitch continues celebrating its birthday. Some of our team members have already participated in interviews sharing their thoughts and feelings with us. Our last interviewee is Aldo. Aldo de Pape is a CEO and founder of TeachPitch. This 5th anniversary marks a milestone in his life. 


In the Startup Secrets Podcast Aldo and Seb Francis discuss a number of aspects of entrepreneurial life. They begin with giving an updated picture of TeachPitch achievements and move onto entrepreneurial challenges and business insights. Here is Aldo’s commentary on the business strategies he has used to get TeachPitch to its 5th birthday:

“I think in terms of strategy from the very beginning we decided that we wanted to be an international tool. I remember our first homepage was a map of the world. We are really trying to bring teachers together on a global scale. The ambition was always set quite high. But, other than the ambition, I think when you say you want to be international, people will also perceive you as such. We never said we are British or we are specifically Belgian. I’m from Belgium. We never gave ourselves a specific nationality. We always said we are an international tool. In a lot of things, our mentality, our thinking, that cycled basically through in: how we further build our platform and product. So you can think of the content we curate and the platforms we choose. Many of these platforms are also known to be used globally and internationally. So we brought in that specific content on our platform knowing fully well that an international audience would be interested in using that specific content. We have not really touched yet on curating content in other languages, which would be definitely a dream, but for that you need to have an operational team in place that could help you do that. We have also been from the very beginning supported by the World Innovation Summit for Education, which is a part of the Qatar foundation, who also have this global ambition. Whenever they talk about training teachers globally they help us spread the word. In terms of strategies it is the vision that you want to do something internationally and also trying to find the right partners who generally fit with that perception”. 

Aldo believes that one of the most important things in running a start-up is to maintain health. He emphasises the role of sports and healthy eating in wellbeing also mentioning fasting and its impact on physical and mental performance. To take care of your health while having numerous business objectives to accomplish is not easy by any stretch of the imagination, that is why it is crucial to manage your time appropriately. Aldo uses a bullet journaling technique to plan his day and set long-term tasks. This is the way he explains the concept of a bullet journal:

“What I am doing is also journaling; something called a bullet journal, which I can highly recommend for people to read about. It is a way of writing down day-to-day tasks that you have. So it’s not like ‘Dear diary, this is what happened to me today’. It is very much centralising on all your action lists but also writing down the things that you have perceived today and that have happened in a very short abbreviated way still giving you a feeling of accomplishment. It is not only that but also planning ahead what is to come in the next month and the month after so giving you a good overview of what is happening throughout the year. If you have not thought of it already, I would highly recommend the bullet journal method, which is a thing that have been focused on”.

Aldo shares more valuable business strategies and insights in the interview. To learn more, listen to the podcast here

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