What It Means To Be a Digital Skills Instructor: 3 Questions to Costanza Casullo

TeachPitch was not built overnight…Lots of developers, designers and curators have done their impossible to shape it in such a way that every struggling teacher can benefit from it.

Now, after years of hard work, we are proud to announce that we have spread our branches in more than 200 countries and have progressed in gigantic steps by developing some great new features and bringing some new brilliant ideas on board to ensure that all educators become even better at their jobs.

Our appreciation goes to each and everyone who trusted and supported us, but most importantly it goes to all our Digital Skills Instructors who have contributed to make this possible.

That’s why our instructors’ testimony is so invaluable to us. It’s a living proof that what we do is real and applicable.

Today’s blog post is dedicated to one of our most spirited instructors who has most recently joined our platform, Costanza Casullo. She was happy to answer the following questions about her experience with Digital Skills.


Costanza is an internationally-minded teacher in the making. As a Professional Master of Education student at Trinity College Dublin in Ireland, Costanza is completing her placement as a secondary classroom music teacher. Costanza’s areas of expertise include music technology, mobile learning, and gamification. She has also implemented gamified formative assessments in the classroom using tools such as Nearpod and Quizlet, and has empowered her students to become content creators rather than just content consumers through the introduction of activities involving the creative use of digital web design and presentation tools. A passionate lifelong learner, Costanza is constantly seeking to expand her knowledge and develop as a professional.

This is how she replied to our questions:


  1.     What do you think about our Digital Skills Program?


Costanza:- “The program values both the tutors and the attendees. I would say it democratises knowledge sharing. You do not need a coaching qualification or an impressive job title to present a webinar. The content knowledge and a passion for sharing it is what really matters. The Digital Skills Program is equally accessible to the attendees. There is no need to be a teacher in a certain school or to belong to a specific professional body to attend the tutorials. All that matters is the willingness to listen and learn new skills.”


  1.     Why have you joined our program?


Costanza:- “At first, the reason why I joined was self-serving. I felt like I had so much knowledge to share and could not find an outlet where my expertise would be valued. I then realised that conducting a webinar was going to be more than a showcase where I displayed my intellectualism. Once we share our knowledge we also multiply it, in a sense that that ripple effect that comes with the partaking of our competences is perhaps even more important than the knowledge itself. So if you ask me now, I would say I joined because good ideas are contagious.”


  1.     How do you think it will help you improve your career development?


Costanza:- “In the short-term, running the tutorials is really helping me with verbalising and consequently better understanding the content of my postgraduate thesis. I believe writing a good piece of research could increase my employability in the education technology sector. From a longer term perspective, I am currently trying to build up a portfolio showing proof of my experience in training other professionals in the education sector. Although I still have not decided whether I would like to train professionals in the corporate sector, teachers, students, or all of the three, my dream is to start a consulting business, and I guess I need to train myself on how to train other people if it makes sense.”

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