Introducing New Features to the Digital Skills Program

We hope you are getting ready for an unforgettable summer!

We at Team TeachPitch surely had a big year with the creation of our Digital Skills Program; a peer-to-peer tutoring platform specifically designed for teachers to train other teachers to thrive in a rapidly evolving new digital economy.

Over the past year we have had the great opportunity to work with hundreds of fascinating teachers who applied to instruct their peers in new Digital Skills through our platform. Our mission is to ensure that all our online learners are fully ready and able during the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Through our platform we have the opportunity to offer user-generated tutorials in topics like Visual Literacy, Game Design, Coding, Artificial Intelligence, Video Teaching and Learning – all created and developed by teachers themselves.

As our offering on the platform rapidly expands, we are very excited to introduce 2 brand new product features, that hopefully make our program even more interesting.


Join Our Instructor‘s List!


TeachPitch genuinely wants to offer each of its users the opportunity to teach online. Even though not everyone might not be a suitable Digital Instructor, we still want to make an effort to find you a good online tutoring or teaching opportunity in the future.

Our list gives you the proper visibility among our (future) users and partners and the potential to be booked to teach. Each candidate registering their interest for the Digital Skills Program will be given the opportunity to be listed, completely free of charge.

Our team will promote the list among our users and clients and will get in touch when you are booked. Do get in touch with us if you want to know more!


Start Selling Your Tutorials Individually!


TeachPitch is very proud of its instructors and the very high quality of the tutorials that they have delivered. Some of these tutorials are so strong and unique that they deserve to become a full-blown course of its own.

As a first attempt we are very proud to launch the 4 tutorials-course called

A Teachers’s Guide to Effective Questioning to Promote Critical Thinking  and Skill Building by Fran Jones.

Frances 1

Frances Jones is a life-long educator who has worked throughout her entire working life further building the careers of her peers in schools all over the world. Exclusively for TeachPitch, Frances will be hosting our very first ‘Summer Academy in Critical Thinking’ that brings together all the best of her experience and ideas build up over the years. This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

Sounds good? Do sign up here should you want to become an Instructor on our platform. We are happy to help you wherever we can.

You can find more about our services by listening to this short tutorial from our founder here.

Team TeachPitch


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