What It Means To Be a Digital Skills Instructor: 3 Questions to Upasana Kapur

Our success is entirely dedicated to all TeachPitch Digital Skills Instructors who have been the essential link in reaching our mission, that of offering our teachers the best user generated content available so they can optimally develop their digital skills. That’s why our instructor’s feedback is invaluable to us and thus we would love to share it with you.

For this blog post we chose Upasana Kapur, as one of our most dedicated instructors, to share her experience and opinion about the platform.

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Upasana Kapur has been in the teaching profession for the past 12 years. As a teacher, she has taught primary grades, involved in remedial teaching and teaching students with special needs. Upasana is extremely passionate and believes that teaching disabled youngsters always presents some unique challenges and obstacles which can only be overcame by differentiated instructions tailored to their distinctive learning abilities. She believes that the implementation of technology is one of the most effective strategies and is keen on sharing her experiences with other teachers.

1.      What do you think about our Digital Skills Program?

I think it is a wonderful platform for sharing learnings and bringing the teaching community together for a wonderful cause. The program helps teachers reach wide audience and scaffold them in their learning.

2.      Why have you joined our program?

I initially joined it to be able to reach more people and assist them to work best for and with children. I also chose it for monetary reasons, it would also provide me with some extra income.

3.      How do you think it will help you improve your career development?

It will help me exchange experiences with other teachers and it will also help me learn more about my profession.

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