TeachPitch Partners with OneWorld Education

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TeachPitch is very proud to announce its partnership with OneWorld Education Association, a leading Chinese education company focused on giving students the opportunity to undertake Global Learning and understand what it means to be a global citizen through their Global Youth Ambassador Project (GYAP).


With a global network of 500 Primary and Secondary schools between Great Britain, the US, Canada, Australia, New-Zealand and China. GYAP member schools will be able to use the TeachPitch technology for the dissemination, organisation and discovery of the best online learning resources.


The partnership between TeachPitch and OneWorld Education Association will strengthen the communication between all GYAP member schools building a collaborative global network benefiting tens of thousands of students.


“TeachPitch provides the perfect platform for all our GYAP member schools to share educational resources and inspirational  lessons focused around our students across the globe,” said Mike Bennett, Director of OneWorld Education UK.


President of OneWorld Education Association Roger Wang added, “the use of the TeachPitch software will allow all schools to save and manage their own digital resources and discover new learning content through the TeachPitch library, simultaneously it will allow the schools to receive and share recommended and pre-selected learning resources amongst member schools.”


“We are very happy to be working with the team at OneWorld.” said Aldo de Pape, CEO of TeachPitch. “It is a great honour for us to contribute to the OneWorld vision to improve the quality of education through a global exchange of students and concepts. We feel very fortunate that through our technology we can contribute to strengthening relations between all schools and sincerely hope that TeachPitch will help new educational ideas to flourish.”


Please contact us at info@teachpitch.com should you have any further questions about this partnership or to find out more about GYAP go to www.gyap.org

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