Apps You May Like: Innovation in Biology Teaching & Learning

Let’s have a look at two innovative apps that can spice up your biology teaching & learning.

The Human Body

Human body is a crucial part of biology. Featured as Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice and Parents Magazine Best App for Families, the app makes it easy and vivid for either children or adults to explore human body parts.

Via this app, you won’t see actual anatomy, but see animated versions of 6 interactive systems including skeletal, muscular, nervous, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, and immune.


You can also look at detailed structure and operating principles of each organ as well as tissue from the menu thoroughly.

The most interesting function of this app is its interactive system. For instance, if you are checking out the digestive system, you can drag any of the listed food into the mouth to see the the animated digestive process. Besides, when you look at blood circulation, nervous and respiratory systems, you can click the leg symbol to put the person into motion. Meanwhile, every organ will react to the motion, including speeding up of nerve conduction, heart beats or breath etc.

 All in all, The Human Body expresses things intuitively so that users can operate it easily. Its dynamic presentation and interactive system make users experience the fun of learning while gaining knowledge, definitely worth a try!

HudsonAlpha iCell

When you learn/teach cells, it could be difficult, because you couldn’t see them except using microscope. But when you do not have access to a microscope, how can you observe them? Try HudsonAlpha iCell, it might help you with it.

You can observe animal, plant or bacteria cells.

When you observe a cell, you can see texts showing on the screen, showing you information about the cell. There are 3 different levels of the texts based on users’ level of knowledge including basic, intermediate and advanced, which suits all kinds of learners.


You can always enlarge the image to see the inside structure of a cell more clearly.


The distance among cells are clear so that you can have an idea of their structures.



 Touch the screen to get 3D effects of cells.


Try it out and learn more about cells!

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