What It Means To Be a Digital Skills Instructor: 3 Questions to Candice Zakariya

One of the greatest challenges that teachers are facing today is how they can improve their teaching practices by working with new technology in their classroom. With the rapid development & availability of new technological tools, it is becoming increasingly harder to keep track of which tools work and which don’t.

TeachPitch and its Digital Skills Program are continuously looking for solutions to ease this frustration by helping teachers worldwide quickly adapt to new effective ways of teaching methods to boost and improve their everyday experiences in classrooms.

One of our star instructors is Candice Zakariya from Dallas, USA  who shares her experience with us on how her journey with the Digital Skills Program has been so far.

Candice Zakariya PictureCandice is a former public school middle grades (4-8) math teacher with over 12 years experience in the classroom. She currently teaches children and adults all around the world in the ever-growing independent online teaching industry. She is also passionate about being a 21st century educator and has dedicated herself to equipping teachers to gain confidence in digital literacy for both the classroom and entrepreneurship.

1.      What do you think about our Digital Skills Program?

Candice: – “I think the program is great for both the instructors and attendees. As an instructor, I love being able to share what I love and have seen as effective in the classroom to help fellow teachers. I am sure attendees are glad to know there is someone presenting that understands the challenges in the classroom and can contextualize the digital skills in a relevant way.

2.      Why have you joined our program?

Candice: – “I love teaching, technology, and training. It really is that simple!

3.      How do you think it will help you improve your career development?

Candice: – “I have a personal brand as an online educator who uses technology everyday and helps other teachers do the same. With being able to provide this skill internationally through TeachPitch, it brings more credibility and exposure.

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  1. Manny

    Insightful. This is great information for teachers who are learning how to incorporate technology in their classroom.

    Thanks for sharing your wealth of information and experience.

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