What It Means to Be a Digital Skills Instructor

Almost a year ago we started building our Digital Skills program upon the foundations of TeachPitch. From the very beginning its aim has been to help teachers across the world find the best ways to enhance their teaching method by giving them the chance to exchange their experiences with hundreds of other teachers.

Nowadays, we proudly confess to have brought dozens of tutors on board. Up to 300 teachers have applied and dozens of tutorials have been held live, recorded and viewed by eager teachers who are always willing to learn and contribute more into their classroom. Digital Skills program has become the oasis of knowledge, the joining point where passionate teachers meet to add to their expertise.

For this reason in today’s blog we decided to interview some of our tutors to give their impressions and feedback about the program and one of them is the cheerful Natalie McGuinness. 

Natalie pictureNatalie is a sixth-form teacher in the UK and currently the subject leader for Business in her school. She studied for a degree in Business Management before qualifying as a teacher, and went on to do a Masters in Learning, Design & Digital Technologies. She is passionate about discovering new technologies which are easy to use in an educational setting, and how they can be used to optimise learning. She is an expert in Google Classroom, and wants to share her experiences and knowledge with other educators.

This is how she replied to our questions: 

  • What do you think about our Digital Skills Program? 

Natalie:- “I think you are offering a really good range of different skills that are in demand from educators”

  • Why have you joined our program?

Natalie:- “I really believe in everything you stand for plus it was a personal challenge to see if I could deliver sessions online.”

  • How do you think it will help you improve your career development?

Natalie:- “I’ve learned from what other people have to deliver as well as personal presentation techniques to improve.”

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