We are 4 years old today!


TP 4TH B-DAY_wideFour years in which we have managed to :

  • Bring millions of online learning resources from hundreds of sources to tens of thousands of teachers from over 131 countries.
  • Engage with hundreds of teachers to be trained by other educators on the platform.
  • Work with hundreds of schools from all over the world through our institutional software.

And we are not going to stop there! In TeachPitch’s 5th year we hope to:

  • Help thousands of teachers build up their digital skills, to equip them with the knowledge needed for job security in the current economy
  • Double the number of schools and institutions we reach with TeachPitch for Schools, helping to create equal opportunities for teachers across the world
  • Increase our premium content offering through engaging with more discovery partners through our software.

Finally, we would like to thank you all for your belief and support over the past four years, and we hope you continue with us on this great adventure.

All the best,

Team TeachPitch


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